We're people, people

We have over 30 years of creating employee experiences – it’s what we do, it's our passion.

Our approach is routed in people centred design thinking, from the employee’s perspective, but aimed at fulfilling the business objectives. We take into account the culture, environment and technology of an organisation and we ensure brands are fit for the future with an engaged, productive workforce.

We are a full-service agency, with in-house consultancy, creative, digital and experiential capabilities. We bring together strategy and design, craft and code, gamification and diversity champions, emotional impact and virtual realities to create brave and brilliant futures for people at work.

We do three things very well: change communications, employer brand and internal communications.

Change Communications

Most projects result in, and demand some kind of change. We help clients manage change every single day. And we help their teams to understand the 'meaning for me' by bringing them along on the journey.

Think of us as allies in driving any structural or systemic changes. From behavioural changes and culture shifts to supporting people at work during a pandemic. We’re strategic about how to get the best out of employees and always focussed on delivering results.

Our bespoke (change engagement) solutions improve perceptions people have of what’s happening, mobilizes them towards positive action and then inspires them to commit towards a different way of working. The result? Engaged and productive workforces.

Employer Brand

We connect business goals with the people whose actions and behaviours are vital to being able to deliver it.

We believe that every bespoke interaction we create for employees is an opportunity to make an authentic connection, build engagement and instil a sense of pride between a brand and its people. It’s what makes people chose to work for them.

We know an engaged workforce will not only know how to perform in their role, but want to do so. We connect the Customer experience to the employee experience and set businesses up to attract, engage and retain the very best people.

Internal Communications

Our communications make the connection between the people we’re talking to and the business objectives our clients are wanting to achieve.

Our campaigns are built on strategies informed by qualitative and quantitative insights, measurement, KPIs, research and behavioural science. But our creative solutions are always authentic and simple. They inspire connections, change and commitment to any workforce.

Whether it's forever or for now, we communicate to people at the right time through the right channels. We're all about creating multi-media experiences that disrupt and hold employees' attention, inspiring them to engage, participate and share.