Avoiding Relationship Heartbreak

By: Karl Shannon, Senior Creative

Avoiding Relationship Heartbreak

Your heart sinks a little more. Your inner voice whispers: “This won’t last.”

Why do relationships fail?

The first date was a success. You talked about running and Arctic Monkeys’ third album and Bill Murray.

There were sparks and butterflies and goosebumps.

Two years later, it’s a little different. One is driven by family, the other, money. One loves Saturday nights, the other, Sunday mornings.

It’s apparent that the DVD collection will be divided very soon.


Different values. No one’s right. No one’s wrong.

Different values mean different focus, and precious time and money invested in different things.

And relationships only work when you work together.


Breakups suck. And in business it’s no different. High turnover is a waste of everyone’s time.

The clearer a company’s values are, the more likely it’ll attract and keep the right talent.

The more a company reinforces those values through everything they do, from a strong EVP, to Reward and Recognition, to everyday comms, the more its people will live them and believe them and be proud of who they work for.

It’s not about creating a line of clones, it’s creating a team of individuals with the same goal.


At Avvio Reply, we’ve helped dozens of organisations to discover, define, communicate and reinforce their values in creative ways that speak volumes to their current and potential workforce.


Call us sometime. We put our heart into preventing heartbreak, long after the first (enrolment) date.