Calling All The Heroes

By: Andie O'Leary, Design Director

Calling All The Heroes

You might not be able to see them, but they’re there, walking amongst us.

They look like you and me but they are extraordinary.

I’m talking about a potential network. A network of brand ambassadors. And you could be missing a trick if you’ve never taken advantage of their power.

In an ideal world, your intranet would be used by everyone, every day. You’d have managers who couldn’t wait to cascade the latest information to their teams, and your internal messages would float throughout the business like dandelion seeds, touching the hearts and minds of every employee.

But it’s not like that is it? The flow of comms through big businesses (especially the global ones) reminds me of the cables behind my TV. It’s not clear what’s going where, if anywhere at all.

And despite the efforts of the best internal comms teams, controlling the flow is a constant struggle.

That’s why you need to call on your company’s biggest fans.

But where do you start?


Identify your network

 - Your intranet data holds the key to the socially active. Find out who's liking, sharing, commenting and getting involved in corporate events and activities

 - If you have a recognition programme, you’ve got a ready-made list of go-getters.

 - Advertise! Simply ask people if they want to get involved. You might be surprised by how many people show interest, especially if you make it seem fun.


Recruit and engage

 - You’re asking your network to go above and beyond their job, so It’s important to make them feel special.

 - Give them an impressive title. Who doesn’t want to be called an ambassadors or champion?

 - Give your recruitment message gravitas by getting the top dogs to deliver it.

 - If you have the logistics to reach your network physically, send them a gift. I didn’t even want to write this blog but there’s a slim chance I might win a £10 voucher.

 - Be creative! Set a challenge or competition to drive participation…


 …and this is where Avvio Reply can be of assistance.

Our creative team can not only help you develop a cracking engagement plan, but we can arm you the most enticing recruitment comms that will excite and motivate your network.

So go on, give us a ring. We’d really love to hear from you.