GDPR Headache?

By: Sonia Dandy-Bee, BU Manager

GDPR Headache?

Everyone knows implementation of the new General Data Protection Regulation is just around the corner. And that it’s really important. And that it’s going to be a big job getting all employees up to speed in changing the way they do things.

While Data Protection Officers all over Europe have been slaving away auditing, revising and updating policies and infrastructure, studies have indicated that the biggest risk to breach of compliance is lack of awareness and understanding among individuals in the workforce.  

And the last thing you want is monumental fines and prison sentences*.

It’s workers who will face the new rules for data protection on a daily basis, so educating them is essential. And while training is one critical component of making sure GDPR is a success, changing behaviour is just as important

But it’s not all doom and gloom. Because if you can land this thing, make it relevant and easy to understand you’ll change your workforce’s behaviour and gain a competitive advantage that makes your business stronger.

Imagine if your call centre staff, mobile workforce, retail employees can look a customer in the eye and say with full confidence “trust me, your data is safe with us and I can tell you why…” - pretty cool, right?

So education and training is essential for the knowledge. But behavioural change is the true test of success. And this doesn’t happen with training alone. Engagement is key.

That’s why there is strong argument for involving a leading engagement agency, with 20 years' experience of working with leading brands to make sure that everyone knows the ‘what’, ‘why’, ‘when’ and ‘how’ right from the start.

A compelling narrative, comprehensive messaging framework and comms plan, coupled with a unique and creative campaign identity will support successful and lasting adoption of this new way of working.

I mentioned the huge fines and prison sentences*, but reputational damage could easily be worse. Facebook shares dropped by 5% when the Cambridge Analytica scandal broke – that’s equal to $25bn…. Ouch.

All it takes is one person.

We’re already helping a number of clients to make sure that “one person” doesn’t exist, and we’d love to help you too.

And while we’re not promising we can stop someone going to prison, evidence of a robust training and comms plan could be used in court and could mitigate any potential fines.

So call us now for a confidential and totally GDPR compliant conversation on how we can help you turn this into a positive thing for your business.


* deliberate use of overly dramatic language in an attempt to drive home the importance of making sure your staff know what they need to know