Health And Wellbeing - Culture Before Cure

By: Georgina Panting, Account Director

Health And Wellbeing - Culture Before Cure

If I were a doctor and health and wellbeing a patient…

“You’re in pretty good shape. It’s obvious that increasing your dose of monetary investment has had a healthy effect on you in general. However, you’re showing other symptoms of neglect. I advise you to start taking better care of yourself through daily choices.”

Companies are investing more money in the health and wellbeing of their people. But when it comes to mental health, is money enough? Sure, it’s common to have mental therapies included in your insurance, but shouldn’t we try to prevent the need for it in the first place?

We spend all day at work. That’s why it’s crucial to create a culture of mental wellbeing, where colleagues care and talk. Because a place where you can come in each day, feel supported and feel like you belong, can be just the right medicine for your mind. A healthy environment like this can prevent absenteeism and – a more bitter pill – dismissal, through stress related illness.

There’s only one way for culture change – from the top down. Businesses need to work hard with their leaders, to help create openness and break the taboos of mental health. To equip them with the skills and knowledge to promote positive mental health, but with realistic expectations.

This sort of change may take commitment and time, but the symptoms of a healthy business include high levels of engagement, low staff turnover, agility, trust and commitment.

No need for a second opinion.