Teaching Old Dogs New Tricks…. No Problem

By: Katie Huyon, Senior Account Manager

Continuous improvement is something all business strive towards and we are no different here at Avvio. At the moment, in between delivering world class engagement programmes for a wealth of amazing clients, we’re on a focussed improvement drive.

To get it right it means our boss needs to have full sight of what we’re doing, how we’re doing it and how long it’s taking us.

She needs data and details – and that means timesheets – but not any old timesheets - up to date and accurate ones.

For some of us this is totally OK, because we’re doing it anyway, but for others… we are having to change the way we do stuff, and that’s not easy.

Adopting a new system or new way of working is one of the hardest thing for a human to do. We are creatures of habit and breaking those habits is a pretty big undertaking… think of all those new years resolutions that have fallen by the wayside over the years.

And it’s the same in a work environment.

90% of failed change-initiative-projects fail because they involve humans and those humans haven’t had a chance to get their heads around that change and what’s required of them.

But making a success of your change doesn’t need to be difficult and can even be a bit of fun.. and that’s where we come in.

We’ve got loads of experience at making change easy and making change stick.

We take your people on a journey by creating immersive experiences using ever-advancing technology to deliver a blended learning and training programme, and we’re so confident in our ability to do this, we’ve even given it a name

Launch and learn.

Our way of approaching change helps you engage with your people in the right way, at the right time so you and your business get the right results.

We’ve done it for airlines, FMCG giants, leading energy companies, and global telecoms providers and we’d love to help you.

So don’t let that massive investment in your new call centre system crash and burn…  give your staff the time and tools they need to embrace the change and make it fly.

Give us a call and we can talk about how we can develop a tailor-made engagement programme to support your change.

Right then… off to do my timesheets.