MSC Cruises

Attracting world-class talent

Using social media to attract the best candidates to MSC Cruises


MSC Cruises, the world’s fourth largest cruise line company, has a ten-year €9 billion investment plan contracting 11 new ships and tripling their capacity by 2026. As part of this ambitious growth MSC Cruises need to ensure that they attract the very best talent that embodies their values and behaviour.

Attracting world-class talent


Avvio was asked to create an overarching look and feel that could go beyond recruitment posts that show the company's USPs as well as future proofing all communications ongoing. We created an inspiring campaign that was based around a 'window into the world of MSC Cruises’. It reflected what life was like working for them and highlighted the exciting opportunities it would bring. The circle, inspired by a porthole, was used to represent the window into MSC Cruises life.

Attracting world-class talent


The campaign was a success that engaged talent and directed them to find out more about career opportunities on-board.

Attracting world-class talent

Recruitment & Onboarding

It’s tough getting the best talent through the door. That’s why, when they do, they should feel as happy to be there as you are to have them.

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