Bringing events to a virtual place

Ensuring virtual engagement for a remote audience


Barilla Sales & Marketing team for DACH + PL Organisation needed to conduct their annual strategy offsite as a remote event. This event celebrated the past years success and focused on the challenges of the year ahead.

Bringing events to a virtual place
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Hosted from our Reply Munich Studios we delivered a seamless virtual event over two days coordinating a number of live feeds from various remote locations across Europe. The main location consisted of two studios – one with a natural backdrop setting from where the host presented and another against a large LED wall where most presentations were streamed. 

Bringing events to a virtual place


The event was streamed live through our interactive Reply platform where attendees could choose their language between German and English, plus ask questions and poll through an integrated Slido plugin.

Bringing events to a virtual place

Digital Workplace

Digital transformation touches every part of a business. From its benefit to customers, to working smarter, to booking the next holiday, the positive effects are huge. But getting every employee on board can be a huge task, and without complete adoption, a fruitless one.

We encourage digital transformation through inspiring communications and building the tools around your workforce.