Simplifying sales for Vodafone

Educating Vodafone’s front-line sales staff on a complex product portfolio


Vodafone needed to bring new and transitioning employees up to speed quickly during an organisational restructure and a new product offering.

Our training was specifically aimed at frontline sales staff including contact centres and mobile workers.

Part of our challenges was how to best present a wide and varied product portfolio and then up-skill sales staff on how to promote the interconnected nature of Vodafone’s products educating them on how to spot opportunities to up-sell.

Simplifying sales for Vodafone


We created an interactive web app that brings to life the interconnected nature of Vodafone’s huge range of products, propositions, solutions and services. And how they fit together.

The web app walked sales staff through interactive customer journeys where they explored details on products and services and how to up-sell.

We developed media-rich product journeys, supported by intro videos, interactive case studies, and detailed product info. Altogether, it’s everything the sales teams need to familiarise themselves with Vodafone’s wider proposition.

Simplifying sales for Vodafone


The Interconnected tool has become so popular that development has begun to integrate it into Vodafone’s eLearning platform to be rolled out across the business.

Simplifying sales for Vodafone

Gamified Learning and Training

Blackboards and parrot recitals are so old school. Whether it’s how to use new technology, understanding a new product or new compliance regulations, an already busy workforce needs more effective ways of learning.

We base the learning content on your people’s needs whether that be eLearning, interactive video, VR experiences or printed guides.