A futuristic cyberpunk team-building experience

Using the power of metahumans and avatars to energise teams and promote networking


Metahumans and the metaverse are the hot topic of today and we wanted to create a futuristic team building experience that incorporated this latest technology. The task was not an easy one - to engage 450 tech-savy partners for 90mins.

A futuristic cyberpunk team-building experience
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Bring in Terrorbyte - a metahuman hacker with a twisted sense of humour. Just for fun she has stolen your data and the only way you can get it back is to play her games…if you fail her games, she will sell your data on the dark web.

Using Terrorbyte and her games we create an innovative cyberpunk themed high-energy team-building activity where teams have to work together against the clock to win back their stolen data.

The teams had 90mins to play 15 games that were a mixture of creative, mental, skill and physical challenges. Each game was 3mins long.

The whole Terrorbyte experience was linked through a network so teams could compete live with other teams. They were be able to see a live leaderboard tracking everyones scores and also live cameras into all the rooms.

Before every game, teams had the option to sabotage another team. By doing this they deducted time off their opponents game, meaning they had less time to score.

For the experience everyone was asked to create an avatar. At the start of each game a players avatar was randomly selected – the chosen player stepped up to the machine and lead the game.

A futuristic cyberpunk team-building experience


The character and theatre of Terrorbyte with her twisted sense of humour was a great success - the leaders felt fully immersed in the story and tried their very best to win their data back.

Through a connected experience, with teams competing live with each other, we were able to bring out the competitiveness in everyone, with cheers, clapping and booing (for being sabotaged) being heard around the venue.

The leaders fed back saying it was the best team-building activity they have ever experienced - with an average score of 4.4/5.

A futuristic cyberpunk team-building experience

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