Showing how Axa’s employee’s work adds up

Making financial results accessible, digestable and relatable to to people’s day-to-day roles


Every six months AXA release their financial results. To support the release, a set of materials was produced and cascaded to all AXA employees. These materials gave employees an overview of how the business has performed over the previous six months including a brief summary, top level figures and key milestones. This traditionally consisted of an article, CEO blog and infographic. Unfortunately reporting was inconsistent, unclear and jargon-heavy, leaving employees confused.

Avvio were asked to consider how the financial results could be re-positioned and re-launched in order to increase engagement.

Showing how Axa’s employee’s work adds up


Avvio began by writing a narrative - telling the story of what is reported, why it matters, and most importantly what it means to employees.

This was then communicated in the run up to results day via an infographic that was emailed to all employees, published on their intranet, and displayed on digital screens across all UK offices. This incorporated simple definitions and acted as a jargon-busting exercise, as well as getting employees ready for results day.

On results day, we produced an Interactive PDF and infographic displaying the results in a clear and concise way. This used a consistent format across all business units, so all employees were receiving the same information.

Showing how Axa’s employee’s work adds up


The results got more positive feedback than ever before – with over 80% of employees feeling more informed than ever before.

Showing how Axa’s employee’s work adds up

Leadership Engagement

If people look to their leaders for inspiration, why would any initiative or campaign not start with a leader?

Leaders that are active within the company culture create a more active and engaged workforce. The more a leader is seen and heard, the more the employees understand and embody their vision and values. 

We create innovative ways to engage leadership teams to  get them on board right from the start.

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