A strategy launch with a virtual twist

Creating a photo-realistic studio through the magic of green screen


Xplor, a rapidly growing global payments company, were looking to launch their new strategy and new brand to a global audience across 21 countries. To showcase their new brand and project their leaders, we created a photo-realistic virtual studio.

A strategy launch with a virtual twist
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We created a versatile, 3D modelled virtual studio for Xplor's future communications. The studio space needed to be fully adaptable for different scenarios. The visual identity of the studio reflected the architecture of Xplor real estate around the world. 

The Event was pre-recorded with graphics overlaid to help reinforce messaging. Every detail was considered from camera angles, optical distances, to reflections in the glazing. Avvio also commissioned a photographer to capture the London Skyline at three times of the day to mimic the streaming times of 2pm, 7pm and 11pm. We finally shot the Q&A section of the event live and included the background plates to give the impression the event was fully live.

A strategy launch with a virtual twist


The virtual event was very well received, with employees sending many positive comments on Facebook Workplace thinking it was shot in a real Xplor studio. Through the interactive tools employees felt even more involved and part of the global Xplor community. Since the event Xplor have used the studio again many times for different business updates using different parts of the studio with updated backgrounds to show the studio in different locations.

A strategy launch with a virtual twist

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